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Fix Foam Concrete Road/Canal Paver Finisher

Our fix foam concrete road canal paver finisher is a bit of development hardware used to lay bitumen on streets, spans, parking garages and other such places. It lays the black-top level and gives minor compaction before it is compacted by a roller. The bitumen is included from a dump truck or a material move unit into the paver's container. The transport conveys the bitumen from the container to the twist drill. The wood screw of our fix foam concrete road canal paver finisher puts a reserve of material before the screed. The screed takes the reserve of material and spreads it over the width of the street and gives introductory compaction.
Product Image (Fix Foam Concrete road)

Fix Foam Concrete road

Price: 800000 INR
Product Image (Canal Paver Finisher)

Canal Paver Finisher

Price: 800000 INR